Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install my Dispenser?
If you are encountering difficulty in the installation of your Dispenser™, this should solve the problem. The Dispenser has been designed to be installed without damage to the wall surface and no tools are required. When installed properly, the unit WILL NOT FALL DOWN!

Here are some things to check if you have had difficulty with your installation.
  1. You must use BOTH the double faced tape AND the entire tube of silicone adhesive for your installation. The tape must be there to hold the unit while the silicone adhesive cures (in 24 hours). The tape alone will not hold the unit, once it is filled.
  2. Do NOT FILL the unit for 24 hours after installation. The silicone can easily support much more than the weight of the full Dispenser, but not until it has cured completely. The curing time for this adhesive is 24 hours.
  3. The wall surface where the unit is to be mounted must be CLEAN and DRY! If the adhesive is bonding to anything other than a clean, dry wall surface, the unit will not stay on the wall. If any surface contaminants are present, the adhesive tries to bond to the contaminants resulting in an improper bond.
Surface contaminants such as Dust or Dirt, Grease or Oil, Wax (especially prevalent on moulded fibreglass shower surrounds, where it is used in the manufacturing process to release from the unit), water, Detergent or Soap or their residue, loose particles or skin and body oils will prevent the silicone adhesive from making a strong bond with the wall surface.

The most common way to solve a surface contaminant problem is to clean the surface:

Dry Clean: Dust or light contamination may be wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Wet Clean: In many cases a liquid cleaning agent such as solvents, acetone or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is preferable. Make certain to select the right cleaning compound and allow adequate drying time before proceeding with the installation.

We hope that this advice solves your problem. If you still have questions, please contact our customer service team. We are certainly always eager to help.
Why won’t liquids pump from my Dispenser?
Check to see if the pump is primed.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your pump is primed properly:

  1. Push the button in.
  2. While holding the button in…
  3. Place you finger over the spout of the pump to block airflow up into the pump. (This creates a partial vacuum in the pump chamber, when the button is released.)
  4. Keep your finger over the spout and release the pump button.
  5. Remove your finger over the spout.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you have continuous flow of liquid. This may take several cycles, especially if you are using very thick liquids.
If you have been using the dispenser for a while with no problems, liquid may have coated the inside of pump chamber. Unscrew the pump from the bottle and flush with warm water. Put the pump back on the bottle; be sure to prime the pump again.

Why is liquid dripping from my Dispenser pump?
The most likely cause of this problem is that the pump spring is damaged or the pump seal is damaged.

Please contact our customer service team to replace your pump.
How should I clean my Dispenser?
Bathroom cleaners often contain aggressive chemicals and abrasives, designed to clean ceramic and porcelain surfaces. These cleaners are likely to damage, deteriorate or discolor the dispenser.

Before using any cleaner, read the list of ingredients on the label. Do not use any cleaner that contains abrasives or any of the following chemicals:
Solvents: Xylene, Toluene

Acids: Hydrochloric, Muriatic, Phosphoric, Hydrofluoric

Other: Alkyl dimenthyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, Bleach (sodium hypochlorite), Alcohol, Aromatic Oils (found in aftershave).

Use of these chemicals or abrasives could void the product warranty.

The best method for cleaning the dispenser is with a soft damp cloth.

I would like to move my Dispenser to a new area. How do I remove the unit from my wall?
  1. Use a sharp serrated knife to slice the silicone and tape between the Dispenser and the wall.
  2. The unit will now pull away from the wall.
  3. You can clean up any residual silicone with paint thinner.
  4. If you require a new installation kit, please contact our customer service team.
Why isn’t my Touchless Dispenser turning on?
Full instructions for activation of your Touchless Dispenser are available Here.

Please read the instructions specific to your model prior to operating your Touchless Soap Dispenser for a trouble-free set up.

First, make sure you have inserted the proper working batteries correctly in your Touchless Dispenser. Follow the directions provided in our instruction guide on how to turn on your model. If you are following the directions carefully and your Touchless Dispenser still will not turn on, try removing and re-inserting the batteries and double check that the polarities (+/-) are correct.

Do not get water or any other liquid into the battery compartment as this will damage the unit and void the warranty.
How do I prime my Touchless Dispenser?
For first time use or after refilling, the pump will need to be primed. First ensure your Dispenser has been filled and then turn the unit on. To begin priming, position your hand directly beneath the spout – in close proximity to the sensor area. This will trigger the dispensing cycle. Repeat activating the dispensing cycle until a smooth stream of liquid begins to come out. Due to various thicknesses of liquid soaps, it will be necessary for you to repeat this step 6 – 12 times until soap begins to dispense.

TIP: Use the highest volume setting while priming, or if your dispenser is equipped with a continuous flow button, turn this function on to help facilitate the process until liquid begins to dispense.

  • Do not fill with soap that contains any abrasives (including mouthwash); do not fill with creams that are very thick or heavy; do not use any liquids containing exfoliates or microbeads; do not fill with any sort of foaming soap
  • Do not put under running water. For cleaning, use a damp cloth and always wipe dry.
  • Ensure the unit is OFF prior to handling.
  • To avoid unnecessary dispensing, be aware of the sensor area.
  • Your Touchless Dispenser is not suitable for high traffic public areas.
For assistance, please contact our customer service team.
Better Living Products (UK) Ltd has been trading for over 18 years. The company sells the Dispenser, which was first introduced and patented in Canada, to the retail trade and general public. Our products help organise your bathroom liquids, all in one-mounted unit, require no screwing to the wall surface and with the pump mechanism carrying a lifetime warranty.